PDF eBook: Job Search Tips, Advice, and Help

Over 60 Pages Of Job Search Advice and Tips

Exposed and corrected are numerous faulty job search misconceptions people have developed throughout their life. This hard-hitting and straightfoward advice was developed by reknowned HR, staffing, coaching, and recruiting experts.

Consider this a crash course in effective job searching and the employment marketplace. Nowhere online or in bookstores will you find a more valuable guide and resource with such forthright, reliable, and time saving information.

Employment is serious business. This is your livelihood and your future at stake. Do not expect gentle fluff advice. We are not here to comfort your feelings and tell you what you want to hear. We provide incredibly useful and practical advice.

Job Search Lifecycle...

  1. Preparation: A Solid Foundation
  2. Prospecting: Locating Employers
  3. Approaching: Securing Interviews
  4. Presenting: Successful Interviews
  5. Following Up: The Key to Success
  6. Closing: Secure / Negotiate Offers

Time is Ticking Away...

If you are finally serious about ending your job search, getting out of a that is going nowhere or you don't like, then absorb the contents of this eBook and reach your career goals. It's not fluff. It's not theory. It's not PC. It is advice.

What Job Search School Did You Attend?

Take your resume for example. If you provide too much information or the wrong information to an employer your resume will be quickly deleted. People who prepare their own resume always include the wrong information that prevents them from telling the best story possible, and they leave out information that would help them tell a better story.

We know you did not go to school for job searching, develop a job searching trade, or gain significant job searching experience in an occupation. You are not expected to be an expert job seeker, just like we are not experts in your field. Few things impact a person's life more than their ability to manage a job search.

You may believe you know a lot about job seeking, but this is no subject that you should ever leave to chance. The possibility for error is far too high and the potential downside is too great. One of the most important skills a person can have in life is to become well rounded in the numerous components involved in managing a job search and career.

Excerpts From Various eBook Chapters

  • Think about it this way. People are finding new employers and changing jobs right now today without ever stepping a pinky into an online job site. Just think of the hundreds of millions of people in history who found a new job and never used the Internet! You believe you are being savvy and smart by spending most of your job search time on job sites. That is a colossal mistake. When you start your day job searching try these other methods and make job sites at least number five down the list of things you do.
  • Whatever the reason is that currently puts you in the situation of looking for a new job, an appropriate mental mindset towards the process is crucial. Here is why. Ask yourself which of these scenarios puts you in a better situation to find a job or make a sale more quickly. A person who is angry, blaming, feeling sorry, desperate, and depressed or someone who is ready for a fight, sees possibilities, feels challenged, believes it is a growth process, likes the learning involved, and has an abundance mentality?
  • A product in the marketplace, whether it is you or cereal, needs to be sold in order for it to be successful. A product will not be successful just because it is in existence. It needs to be developed, improved, marketed, and sold. The better the salesperson and marketer, the more successful it will be. Have you heard the expression, ”know thy product”? Product knowledge is the foundation of all sales success. Without an in-depth awareness of the key attributes and selling features and benefits of a product, it is going to be more difficult to get a sale / new job. You need to identify and internalize your key selling features and benefits from the perspective of the person doing the hiring for your target occupation.
  • You need to know that no matter how worried and concerned you are, there is a job out there for you. Not just any job, but a great job. The pie is enormous and there are millions of potential employers. That is a fact and never let yourself think any differently. If you find yourself thinking negatively, stop yourself and think of what you do want for yourself instead. It is a fact that you can only hold one thought at a time in your mind, positive or negative. Catch negative thinking and stop it in its track.
  • Like any successful salesperson will tell you, you need to ”fill the pipeline”, meaning you need to get some things going in the direction of a sale (new job). You need to create energy and build momentum. While filling the pipeline, never expect instant results. A professional salesperson will also tell you that after a truly concerted effort to prospect and approach potential customers (employers), it is ALWAYS the case that you will find a qualified buyer and make a sale. This is the case whether it is in a competitive industry or in a down economy. Again, it takes time to fill the pipeline, and you must sow in order to reap.
  • Guaranteeing you an easy street into your chosen occupation or progressing to higher levels is not how a productive and properly functioning marketplace works. How many businesses do you know that went from concept to success overnight? Not many. Well how does that compare to this situation, you may ask. That is easy. You are a business and you are going to be a business your entire working life. As such, you need to think and act from this day forward like you are an individual, professional, and marketable business entity.